Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blackberry OS 6.0: No more Google Sync Duplicates!

Parts of the following information has been taken (and modified) from here:

I have put this information on my blog as to add to my personal collection of useful tips and tricks that apply to my everyday life.

Freedom from Google Sync!
If you are a Blackberry user and have OS version 6.0 (+), there are now native options to synchronize your google contacts and calendar with your Blackberry. You no longer need the terrible duplicate making monster known as Google Sync.

Part I
  • Make sure your contacts and calendar are all synchronized with Google's servers so that you don't lose your important data!
  • Delete Google Sync from your Blackberry
  • Open up "Contacts" and click "Options"
  • Hold down the right-shift button (looks like aA^)
  • While holding down that shift button, type this: RSET
  • It will prompt you to remove all your contacts.
  • Select Yes and let it do its thing
  • Next, do those exact steps, except do it in the calendar app instead of contacts.

Part II
  • Open up your "messages" folder (where all your emails show up), push the blackberry key, Select "options" from the menu
  • Select "email account management"
  • Select your gmail account, then select "edit" from the menu that pops up
  • Scroll to the bottom and select "synchronization options"
  • Check off "calendar" from the list that appears.
  • Scroll down and select save.
  • It may prompt you for your email password, then it takes a minute or two for it to adjust the settings.

Part III
  • Find the options folder (the wrench icon, should be under the 'all' setting on your home screen)
  • Search "default services" and open it
  • Change Calendar (CICAL) to your gmail account
  • Push the blackberry key and select save

Now your Blackberry is set to automatically sync with Google and be duplicate free!

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